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Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation sessions conducted in 93 West Bank communities
Within the framework of the Village and Neighborhood Project (VNDP), owned by the Ministry of Local Government and funded by the World Bank, CCE is currently conducting training sessions and workshops in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E).
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World Bank
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Failing Vocational and Skilling Programs
- 15 September, 2010
The problems with Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the occupied Palestinian Territory (Opt) are very well defined. They have been researched, published and documented over and over during the past two decades (facts and figures can be obtained from studies conducted by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor, and many international organizations that have been engaged in this sector). The issues remain mostly the same and the impact of the numerous interventions or attempts by the various stakeholders have been limited.
Our analysis of the situation is as follows:
1. The Opt suffers extremely high unemployment rates – especially amongst youth. At the same time, employers (from all sectors: industry, commerce, agriculture, NGOs, government, etc.) express high frustration at the severe shortages in professionals and young people entering the job market with relevant vocational knowledge, skills and attitudes.
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Entrepreneurship Diploma (04/11/2012)
This program aims at improving the knowledge and skills of potential and existing entrepreneurs by providing them with skills and knowledge in Business Start up and Business Development techniques .
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